Custom Authorisation controlling row filters

Written by Mandy. Posted in Authentication & Authorisation.

I had a requirement recently for a set of users to be managed within the application, assigning them access to certain 'Regions' (Australian States, etc). Based on this access, the data displayed in multiple reports throughout the application should only show the regions they have access to.

The reports mostly contain Projects & Project Financials information.


IR Report with Dynamic Columns

Written by Mandy. Posted in Interactive Reports.

My client has an application where they manage their consulting resources, and assign them to different projects.

The format of the 'Assignment' table is somewhat like:

Consultant Name | Project Name | Start Date | End Date | Utilisation % | Tentative Y/N


They wanted to take this data and display it in a tranposed format, so that it looks more like a calendar. This is so each team leader can view their team's schedule and they can easily see who is available between two given dates.

This is what the report looks like:

schedule report


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