Subspaces RSS Feeds to not show up in RSS Manager

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Webcenter Spaces Version:


Problem Description:

When ' Enable RSS Publishing' is checked for a subspace, it is not shown in the RSS manager list. It appears that only Spaces are shown in the list and not subspaces.

This bug is listed in Oracle Support for version (BUG 11874053).



This was to be fixed in, but this issue still exists. The bug is now updated and will be fixed in version which is not yet released (at this date).


Create Wiki or Blog with '?' character (question mark)

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Webcenter Spaces Version:

Problem Description: When creating a Wiki or Blog entry with a '?' character in the title (question mark), you get receive an error on save:

"Unable to create new HTML document.
An unknown error occurred in the Oracle Content Server. "

The post that you created is also lost.


A Bug has been logged on Oracle Support:




In version (not yet release as of this date) there will be an error displayed to the user:

Error: The specified name is not valid, names can not contain the following 
characters \ / : [ ] * ' " | ?

There is no patch for


Content ID's in UCM 11g

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If you have autonumber enabled (IsAutoNumber=true) for content IDs in UCM, you will see that the content ID's increment.

Previously, in 10g, you would notice that all the content ID's are sequential without gaps. In 10g, these numbers were previously generated with a "counters table". In 11g, these are now generated from a database object called a 'sequence'. The name of this sequence is IDCSEQDOCID.

This sequence also has a cache of 200.  Every time you start up UCM it will pick up 200 values from the database and store them in memory. However, if before the 200 cached values are used up you shut down UCM or the database you will lose all those unused cache values. (If the sequential numbers are necessary to have, without any gaps, then this sequence can be redefined with the NOCACHE option).

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