Items Visible on All Pages

Posted in Application Header.

To make an item appear in on All pages (and become part of the template of the application, rather than a page item), it must be added to page 0.

Any components that are put on page 0 will be rendered on every page.

To add a page 0 to you arppliction, you will have to create a new page with an id of 0.


Conditional formatting based on Column value

Posted in Report Layout.

The display of column data can be conditional based on the value of the column.

In this example, the column text displays green if the value is "SUCCEEDED", and is red text otherwise.


CASE when status = 'SUCCEEDED'<br />THEN '<span style="color:green">' || status || '</span>'
ELSE '<span style="color:red">' || status || '</span>'<br /> END STATUS</p> <p class="Moobi_Code">from.....

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