Enabling Feedback - a must for every app

Written by Mandy. Posted in Debugging.

End users don't know how to communicate what developers need is diagnosing application bugs.

I have often ended up with mail in my inbox stating "the application is broken".

I was shown a really simple way to allow your end users to submit feedback to you. The user only needs to enter 2 fields, but behind the scenes, APEX is collecting necessary data that will help you solve the issue.


Passing value via URL to IR Parameters

Posted in Interactive Reports.

Dynamic Reports are great for allowing your users to control their view of data. Recently I had created a 'help' form & report in my app to store help how-to's (rather than having them locked away in a document).

For each help record, I had added tags, and then displayed these using a tag cloud plugin.

travel help


4.2 Development Standards

Posted in General Application.

In May earlier this year (2012) I was lucky enough to travel to Reston, Virginia to sit in with Mike Hichwa (VP Software Development at Oracle) and his team during their busy months getting APEX 4.2 and the 'Packaged Applications' ready for release.

While I was there I tried picking everyones brain and getting as much knowledge as I could. My goal was to take over an application that I had been working on and re-deploy it using the standards that Oracle were using. The team were generous and gave me a copy of one of the apps to utilise and pick apart (now available for download with your instance of APEX 4.2).

During the process of rebuilding my app in the Oracle 'standard' I learnt a lot of cool tips, tricks and just general good development practises.

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